Bicilavadora of clothes

Bicycle Machines
About This Project

This machine has great potential, what we ask is a change of attitude in how to do things, and rural regions where it costs so much to wash clothes by hand. Many women and men who find it hard to wash by hand are enjoying this wonderful machine right now.

NOTE: This machine has no centrifuge for drying, but soon we will make a prototype.
Bi-vibrator (Micro-concrete tiles) – Concrete Vibrator

This machine produces the necessary vibrations to remove the air bubbles from the cement mace, which is molded to form the tiles. The tiles are thermal, their use helps to minimize the felling of trees as in the case of clay tiles.

These roofs have long life (20-30 years) and are waterproof. In addition, the tiles are attractive, durable, and create better insulation than metal roofs.

Your production is cheap, so it’s good business for small family businesses. A trained person can produce up to 400 tiles daily.

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