San Andrés Itzapa

San Andrés Itzapa

Very near beautiful Lake Atitlan and the World Heritage colonial city of Antigua is San Andres, Itzapa, home of Maya Pedal. Work horses outnumber pickup trucks as the hard-working campesionos, (share farmers) trudge to and from the fields.
Eighty percent of the residents speak Kaqchikel dialect as their first language. Volunteers to Maya Pedal experience friendly Greetings in this thoroughly authentic Guatemala town.

Residents of Itzapa are proud of their reputation for genuine friendliness. Locals respectfully offer greetings to one-another or the occasional gringos. The experience of visiting or volunteering at Maya Pedal in addition to the well known tourist areas is a highly recommended and authentic experience.

Guatemala is tremendously varied in its geography:

  • Caribbean Sea
  • Vast jungles of the Peten región and its abundant and world famous archaeological sites
  • Many high elevation volcanic mountain ranges
  • Pacific coast
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