5000 Miles of Hope

5000 Miles of Hope

We are asking everyone who likes or follows our 5000 mile of hope fundraising journey to help the impoverished farmers and communities of guatemala by donating $10 to our maya pedal horse ride fundraiser on gofundme. All funds go directly to maya pedal to allow them to give away and sell machines at subsidized prices.

We work very hard each day to travel down the road while providing you with stories, photos, inspiration and entertainment. Thank you very much for your donations….  Please donate to the link above.

Starting Labour Day 2017, a horse ride begins that won’t end for 5000 miles and 18 months. That’s 15 miles a day, 20 out of 30 days.5000 Miles of Hope

Meet Roxy, a 9 year old purebred Morgan mare, and Chris MacLuckie, her rider and guide.

Together they will travel from Rockingham, Ontario, Canada to San Andres, Itzapa, Guatemala. Each day on the road will feature 3 hours of walking and 3 hours of riding.

There are 3 goals for this long ride:

Promote a fundraiser for Maya Pedal, a Guatemalan NGO that modifies old bikes and transforms them into pedal powered machinery like corn grinders, coffee de-pulpers, blenders and water pumps.  Explore healthy food and farms, and gather material for the 3rd edition of The Edible Gardening Guidebook.

Get fat ass Chris back into shape! Help him re-discover his cardio base! Come ride a mile with us, come walk a mile with us, come run a mile with us!

The journey will be chronicled online and a post trip book will be ready for publishers in 2019.  If you want to be part of this journey follow us on social media and make a donation today!

I’m using the trip as a platform to raise funds for Maya Pedal, our Guatemalan project partner.

With fond memories of interning for them in 2003, I thought that a fundraiser would be worthwhile. This is how I’m giving back. Maya Pedal develops, builds, markets and distributes sustainable pedal powered machines that assist Guatemalans in their day to day life. Visit the Maya Pedal Horse Ride Fundraiser.

GoFundMepage to make your donation

Donations to help us with our journey can be made here

Orders for our Edible Gardening Guidebook here

Our trip website and blog here

TV News Story from Greenville, MS

Happy trails and thanks for your support and donations!

Chris and Roxy.


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