is open for tourists on bicycles, visitors and volunteers at Maya Pedal

Hostel Maya Pedal is available for guests as part of Maya Pedal’s new volunteer housing.


We offer:

  • clean, safe 2 or 4 person occupancy rooms
  • clean kitchen
  • clean shared bathroom
  • hot water
  • bicycle powered laundry machine
  • towels and bedding
  • WIFI
  • bicycle tools and work area available.


We are located in the friendly, authentic working town of San Andres Itzapa, 17 km from Antigua and 60 km from Lake Atitlan.


To arrange your stay please contact us. Drop-ins are welcome if we have space available. Volunteers please also see volunteer page.

  • Maya Pedal is renowned for innovative pedal machines made with bicycles; water pumps, corn mills, grain mills, coffee grinders and more. Cyclists receive a free night with their tent on the property at the Maya Pedal, but if you want comfort you can sleep in a room with a bed at a cost of $ 7.00 per night. If volunteered, the cost is $ 3.50 (minimum 15 days to obtain the volunteer rate).

  • The opportunity to learn about the incredible bicycle machines of Guatemala will open your eyes to a new type of creativity and a greater appreciation of the bicycle. Maya Pedal has bicycle stands, tools, new and used parts to help you with your repairs. We charge $ 5 per hour to use the bike shop with someone to back it up. Additional parts are charged after.

  • The city of Itzapa is an authentic working city, located about 19 km from Antigua, but a world apart. The horses outnumber the trucks and the people are incredibly friendly. Maya Pedal is a community and family project. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in Maya Pedal and smoking is not allowed inside the building.

We are located in San Andres Itzapa, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

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